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After a morning ride and surf, I stopped at Nékter Juice Bar on East Coast Highway just south of Goldenrod, facing eastbound. Barefooted, I waited in the truck while my wife and son ran in to get a green drink.

In the five minutes I was there, I snapped photos of the 4 cyclists who passed me.

Notice the varying road positions among the different cyclists.

First, the “door zone cyclist”:

Here, the cyclist is choosing to ride in the door zone. He is moving pretty rapidly but, all the same, the blue BMW pushed past him the the next few seconds without changing lanes. Inches to spare to the cyclist’s left or right.


Next, the “sidewalk cyclist”:

Sidewalk cyclists. Not moving very rapidly, but not much slower than Corona del Mar traffic. Spooking hapless pedestrians and denting the door panels of cars in driveways with ease. But, who can blame them for riding on the sidewalk when a shop on East Coast Highway is their destination and the motorists are going to push them into the door zone if they take to the street?


Finally: Taking the lane…

The best part is, even though this guy looks fast, he wasn’t in a rush. He was pedaling confidently through town at about the same speed he would have been going if he was driving a car and looking for an open parking spot or scanning shop windows for an address. Cars passed him by changing lanes as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


Which cyclist are you?

Here’s my own ride through Corona del Mar:




David Huntsman

Husband, father, cyclist, lawyer

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