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5000 miles and zero gallons of gasEarlier this month I passed 5000 miles on my bike computer. It was installed in July, 2011, so over the last fifteen months this works out to 11.1 miles per day. While many cyclists go further, all of us have something in common: zero gallons per mile.


That’s right. These 5000 miles did not include a single stop at a gas station. Maybe the reality of zero dollars spent for gas will help prod more people to trade four wheels for two. Even if  a bicycle is used for short trips only, it still helps the wallet go further.


If you live or vacation in Newport Beach, there is even more incentive. Take a look at that temperature on the left hand side of the computer- seventy-one degrees. Most days that temperature is within sight. Zero gas and perfect weather. Two down and one to go- get started.



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