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5pm Tonite

It’s time for another meeting of the Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Committee.

Meet at 5pm at the Civic Center.

If it’s anything like last month’s meeting then it’s bound to be worth your while. Will more homeowners show up to protest the expansion of the beach boardwalk to the Wedge?

So far the Bicycle Master Plan has just been a popular concept, now as it starts to take shape we’ll be hearing from residents who won’t want to give up their on-street parking, or swap a traffic lane for a bike lane. Implementing a Bicycle Master Plan is all about changing the status quo, so come on out and watch the show.

Last month 40 people attended including 3 from Caltrans. Those Caltrans folks don’t say much, but they’re getting an earful.

Tonight my comments on the Draft Plan are incorporated in the agenda. Wish I was going to be there to elaborate, but I’m snowbound in Washington D.C. at the National Bicycle Summit.




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