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How about a safe way to get from A to B?

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Here’s an item that would be a great addition to the wish list that Frank Peters wrote about recently. How about a safe way for bikes to get from Point A to Point B? After all isn’t Point B, the beach, what makes Newport Beach special? Isn’t Point B where both residents and visitors want to go? As for Point A, Newport Harbor High School, it is within a mile of four schools, a library, several churches, thousands of residences, the Back Bay bike path, and multiple parks. In other words, a perfect starting point for getting cyclists safely to the beach.


Adding this to the wish list would also address the three most dangerous intersections in Newport Beach for bicycles. All three happen to be on the path from Point A to Point B. In fact, one of these intersections, Newport Blvd at 32nd St, is the subject of a video first posted here. In addition, its inclusion would help to cure one of the biggest problems at the beach – the lack of automobile parking and the resulting congestion.


With other concerns taking precedence on the wish list, it would nevertheless make sense for the Newport Beach Bike Safety committee to look seriously at this route in 2013. What can be done? Maybe start with a combination of relatively inexpensive changes: Sharrows, painted lines on sidewalks and roads, signs, bike racks, and traffic signal re-work. Maybe these items could be coordinated with a more long term vision. Since this is a wish list, maybe even a protected bike path?


An idea for Newport Beach to showcase “Safe Routes to the Beach” was first proposed by Brenda Miller, of PEDal. Hopefully Point A to Point B will be a route that can start to fulfill this vision.



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