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Santa Ana Canyon Road "Bike Lane"

Heading East on Santa Ana Canyon Road

Anaheim, best known for it’s hospitality industry, is anything but hospitable to bicyclists, especially here on heavily traveled Santa Ana Canyon Road. I frequently ride my bike on this road and I was mortified to see the “Bikes Merge” sign.

Merge?  Merge where?

Take cars averaging 50mph then add pedestrians and all types of cyclists and you end up with a dangerous road.  Worst of all, at this point the road is a single lane in each direction.

Imagine how much education is needed just to increase bike safety, let alone to encourage more people to use a bike.

Here you can see Santa Ana Canyon Road, heading east.  If you look to the right, you will see the deplorable condition of the bicycle lane. More importantly, the sign encourages cyclists to “Merge”. Really? Can you see the cyclist in the photo near the telephone pole? Neither could I until I rounded the corner.  C’mon folks, a “merge” sign on a somewhat blind curve with a single lane in each direction and traffic moving at 50 plus miles per hour?

Not all cities have embraced bicycle safety as Newport Beach has.  Cyclists are lucky to have supportive elective officials and city employees such as those in Newport Beach.  And to answer your question, yes, my next call is to the City of Anaheim…



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