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Bike Lane Markings from Arizona

How about this for a laid back biker? And is that a chef's hat he's wearing? You'd never guess where this easy going cyclist is located. On Scottsdale Road, one of the busiest arterial roadways in the entire Phoenix, AZ…

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Traveling? Bring Your Helmet

It is amazing what can be done on a bicycle. The "Can Do" list for bikes just expanded at our home. Thanks to the adventurous (and light packing) nature of Daughter One, our list now includes: • Picking up a…

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That Was Easy

That was easy. Easy for the driver of this delivery truck to park illegally by a red curb. And easy to block the bike lane. As for cyclists? Not so easy. And definitely not safe. Especially considering the location -…

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Ride Bikes

Newport Beach applied paint to the streets of Corona del Mar earlier this month in the form of Sharrows. Among the many messages that Sharrows send is this very basic one:  "Ride Bikes."   Coincidentally, this same message appeared earlier…

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5,000 Miles, Zero Gallons

Earlier this month I passed 5000 miles on my bike computer. It was installed in July, 2011, so over the last fifteen months this works out to 11.1 miles per day. While many cyclists go further, all of us have…

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