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Avocado’s New Bike Lane

Avocado Ave’s new bike lane — it’s a little narrow

Avocado Ave

It could’ve been a signature project.

It could’ve been a statement that things are changing.

It could’ve been a demonstration project, a place to experiment with a new treatment.

But it’s none of these.

The City recently repaved Avocado Ave, between Coast Hwy and San Miguel Drive. Some of us had been eagerly awaiting a new treatment; there were hints of new features for bike riders.

It’s too bad that Public Works didn’t take their design to the Bicycle Master Plan Committee. Why have a committee if there’s no dialog on street design?

It just ends, at the most vulnerable spot!

The bike lane just ends — at the most vulnerable spot!
Today there are best practices in bike lane design — this isn’t one of them.


A bicycle way that is not safe for an 8-year old is not a bicycle way — Enrique Penalosa

The access road to our new Civic Center — it could’ve been a showcase for active transportation alternatives!

What a perfect place for a road-diet, where you take 4 lanes and convert them to two, then you have room for big, wide, buffered bike lanes – safe for an 8-year old.

It stings because it’s another example of how things have been done in the past — in a smoke-filled room somewhere deep inside the Civic Center this design was hatched and no one from the Bike Committee was there to offer an alternative. What a shame!

Bikes are marginalized, so cars can zoom

Tight fit — Bikes are marginalized, so cars can zoom




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