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Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) & Iris Ave. in Corona del Mar. A cyclist was doored here, and injured.

PCH & Iris - a cyclist was doored here April 2.

As Lieutenant Lu finished reading the accident reports at Monday’s Bike Safety Committee meeting (report coming, stay tuned), I thought, “Wow, no doorings.” But soon after we adjourned and wrapped up our post-meeting chat, a cyclist in Corona del Mar got doored, on PCH at Iris Ave.

Then BikingInLA reported that 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan carelessly doored a cyclist in New York City. To add insult to injury, the actor said it was “no big deal.”

For him, I guess.

Doorings are a big deal, even fatal. Monday’s victim needed paramedic care, and was sent to Mission Hospital. We can only hope that he or she will be OK.

Please be careful when opening your car door.

And don’t be a victim yourself. This video shows just how far from parked cars you need to ride. The instructor in the video is the Bikeleague’s long-time Director of Education, Preston Tyree.

Also see the excellent dooring analysis page at Commute Orlando, with a more in-depth (and very graphic) video.



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