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Is the eggnog flowing too freely?
A safety opportunity for City employees and a pot of gold are the two top subjects today.

Word of the Newport Beach Bike Safety Improvement Fund‘s $300,000 raise has got others wondering – could this be done elsewhere?

Like in Richmond, Virginia?

Has the City Council tapped into something viral?

Would cyclists in other cities be willing to prime the pump and write some checks if a 3:1 match were available?

It’ll be fun to see where this goes.

Maybe Newport Beach will start a national trend in kick-starting bike safety infrastructure improvements.

Dreaming of sugar plums and Zebra striping

Dreaming of sugar plums and Zebra striping

LA.StreetsBlog posted a story of how Los Angeles will install 50 of these Continental crosswalks with zebra striping. According to the post, these intersections have 25% fewer crashes, but cost 2-3 times more to paint. Is it worth $10,000 to gain such significant reductions in crashes? What else can you spend $10,000 on and get such a return? I’d empty my piggy bank…

Unfortunately, the bean counters fret that Los Angeles can’t do this to all 19,770 croswalks. Don’t boil the ocean! How about treating the worst 10% of intersections, where the most crashes occur?

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I know one place that would be a popular installation – MacArthur at Coast Hwy in Corona del Mar. And it’s city employees who would be the beneficiaries as they will soon move into the new City Hall nearby.

Zebra crosswalks in Rotterdam

Zebra crosswalks and dedicated bike paths in Rotterdam



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