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La Route Vert

Would more cyclists visit Newport Beach and stay over night if they knew of certified bike-friendly hotels?

An overnight on a bike can be lots of fun; it combines a little getaway with a bike ride — something different to break out of the routine. Maybe the overnight ride turns into a passion for touring — that’s the idea behind Jim Sayer’s Bike OverNights.

Which Newport Beach hotels might qualify as bike-friendly? And what does bike-friendly mean?

Soon after my September Erie Canal tour, my pal Kent suggested La Route Vert in Quebec for next year. According to Cycling in Quebec, it’s made up of 4,000 km of bikeways criss-crossing Quebec, mostly flat and ideal for touring. This guide book has certified 300 tourist accommodations. It’s easy to qualify, so I’m proposing these guidelines for Newport Beach hotels:

  • A covered and locked location to store your bicycle at night.
  • If there is a restaurant service, your nutritional needs will be taken into account and you will be offered generous portions of fruits and vegetables and high-carb meals.
  • A pump and tools for making minor repairs.
  • Information about local bicycle repair centers, bicycle rental outlets and tourist information offices.

Kinda begs the question: what tools should be included?

A multi-tool, of course, even though we each carried one.

Crank Brothers Multi-tool

I’m glad they call out the pump — none of our hotels or B&Bs along the Erie Canal had one — it compelled us to visit every bike shop along the route. Yes, we carried a hand pump, but it’s hard to top off by hand; I think we damaged one valve stem — it had to be replaced.

A citrus-based chain cleaner and a few rags would’ve been heavenly, especially since the crushed-granite tow-path alongside the canal made a mess of our chain and derailleur. What else would you expect to see at a bike-friendly hotel?



Frank Peters

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  1. League of American Bicyclists Region 6 board member Amanda Eichstaedt owns a Bed & Breakfast in Marin County. A couple of years ago she talked about publishing a guide of bicycle friendly hotels. I don’t know if that went anywhere or not.

    I’ve never had any problem rolling my bike into the hotel room, even at places like the Hilton. Something as simple as a floor pump *would* be handy for sure.

    Have you seen these Dero Fixit Stand? It’s all the rage in college towns right now, but it would be super handy in any hotel that wants to be bike friendly.

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