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Scottsdale, AZ bike lane markerjpegHow about this for a laid back biker?

And is that a chef’s hat he’s wearing?

You’d never guess where this easy going cyclist is located. On Scottsdale Road, one of the busiest arterial roadways in the entire Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.



Paradise Valley, AZ bike lane markerjpegThanks to a Mother’s day visit, was able to put some Arizona miles on my bike this past weekend. Even rode into Paradise Valley. While these neighboring cities evidently share an affinity for goofy bike helmet stencils, they appear to cater to different cyclists: leisurely versus businesslike, recumbent versus determined, lean versus stocky. Either one works for me. Just having the roads well marked, makes a world of difference for a cyclist, especially out-of-town ones.


Great to see both Scottsdale and Paradise Valley continue to add bike infrastructure.




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