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It’s taken some time, but tonight the Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee voted in favor of Sharrows on Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar. Committee member Tony Petros set the tone early in the discussions when he described his recent visit to San Diego where he saw this safety feature installed on similarly busy thoroughfares.

Of course it was the City of Long Beach that was first to experiment with Sharrows. Belmont Shore’s 2nd Street proved to be an ideal installation for this safety feature.

Charlie Gandy was the advocate for Sharrows in Long Beach

What are Sharrows? They are bicycle markings painted on the right lane of a 4-lane road that also has parallel parking. Cyclists are challenged to weave through traffic while at the same time avoiding car doors opening. Sharrows convey to motorists that the cyclist has the right to position herself in the center of the lane compelling motorists to change lanes to pass. Sharrows don’t convey any new privileges to a cyclist; it’s strictly an education issue.



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