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Is there any low hanging fruit, bike safety speaking?

Can you think of issues you’d like to see resolved to make cycling safer in your neighborhood?

Does this look like a bike lane?

We did, so we’ve compiled a Top 10 List of bike safety issues; issues we hope can be implemented easily, inexpensively. And not just bicycle issues. Pedestrians and cyclists have a lot in common — we’re both vulnerable to speeding cars, so look for a few pedestrian safety improvement ideas in this Top 10, I mean 11, List, too.

It’s time for the September Bike Safety Meeting. Please join us at 4:30pm at the Central Library on Avocado.

The Committee is chartered for a 1 year term, so it’s past the mid-point. Committee member Denis LaBonge proposed an evaluation of what’s been accomplished and what’s still to do. That prompted us to consider a list of easy-to-accomplish improvements. Several cyclists contributed to this Top 10 List (actually, 11), so download your own copy and let’s hear your ideas.



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