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From a report posted by the NBPD:

On Monday, September 5, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Newport Beach Police Officers responded to the area of 10th Street and West Balboa Avenue in response to a call of suspicious activity. A citizen observed three male subjects who were unfamiliar to the area loading bicycles into the bed of a pickup truck. Officers arrived and contacted four subjects who were in possession of five beach cruiser style bicycles; three of which still had locks secured through the frame. After interviewing all of the subjects, Officers determined that the bikes had been stolen from several locations on the Peninsula. Officers arrested Javier Aguilar, a 21 year old resident of Santa Ana, Juan Vergara, a 20 year old resident of Santa Ana, and two 17 year old, male juveniles.

Well, surprise. Bike thefts happen all the time in Newport Beach. What also happens, though, is citizens reporting suspicious activity. In this case, it did result in thieves being caught. If you see anyone:

  • Walking around with a bolt cutter
  • Walking around with a cordless grinder
  • Walking around with a piece of pipe or a crowbar
  • Lifting a bike with a lock still on it
  • Riding a bike while towing another

…please call the Newport Beach Police at 949-644-3717, or 911 if you see what looks like a crime in progress.

Locking Your Bike Securely

What’s the best way to lock your bike? What kind of lock should you use?

MassBike has a nice bike locking tutorial.

In this StreetFilms video, Hal and Kerri give grades to bike locking jobs:

The biggest problem may be finding a secure place. Last week, a friend’s bike was stolen at a fast food restaurant because he couldn’t find a single thing on the premises to lock to. (There ought to be a law!)

Where there is bike parking around town, there isn’t enough — it’s often full — and racks are usually of poor design. More about this soon.



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