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A good time was had by all on this CdM Halloween Costume Bike Ride and Haunted House Tour.

There were lots of fun costumes.

Barbara Peters and Lori Carter

Everyone seemed to enjoy the pace; we stopped to tell stories at the many ‘haunted houses’ along the route. Councilwoman Nancy Gardner and her granddaughter joined the fun; Nancy added many historical comments about the neighborhood and the homes.

Many people were surprised at what they learned as they bicycled their own neighborhood. NBPD joined in to assure safe crossings at some of the busier intersections. You can imagine, at some points we blocked the street as we lingered in front of some of the over-the-top halloween decorations, but motor vehicles were able to navigate around us.

Today’s cool temps and foggy skies teamed up to treat the bike riders with the ultimate fall day for a fun bike ride.

Most exciting moment? At the first stop on Avocado, just as the crowd arrives and quiets to hear the story behind the house — Psssssstttt! there goes Eric’s front tire!

Must’ve been a bad valve! His mountain bike tire is flat as a pancake.

Someone volunteers a pump, but I’m beginning to doubt that he’ll be with us at the next stop. To my surprise he and his pregnant wife are right with us at the next stop — he found all the help he needed to get his flat fixed, no problem. Thank you, Will Skeeters of Two Wheels One Planet.

Everyone shared in the prizes at the end of the ride, more like Christmas – we had so many prizes to hand out.

Back at the Civic Center at the end of the ride, some departed right away while many lingered. Just as we hoped, the bike ride was a bonding experience. We talked of the next ride, the Pre-Thanksgiving Back Bay Loop Ride – starting from the Civic Center again at 10am Wed Nov 27th. I’m guessing they’ll come back for the next ride.

If bicycle advocacy had a text book, it would say that rides like today’s, where friends and neighbors gather to explore their own neighborhoods – it helps to foster new friendships, new ways of enjoying the community we share and we’re surprised that we’re learning something new while getting some exercise, too — it adds up to more people enjoying their time on the bike and for some maybe, making more trips by bike, especially when it’s close by and maybe again, that it’s on the route we traveled today.




Frank Peters

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