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Fog rolling in at Big Corona

Fog at Tower 4, at Big Corona

I admit, I feel smug. Just a little.

My weather forecasting skills feel extra sharp right about now. I have predicted our current conditions simply based on dire news reports of ‘life-threatening’ heat for Los Angeles and its inland valleys.

How hot would that be exactly?

You’ll know soon enough, so your holiday get-not-too-far-away plans will zero in on a day at the beach. That’s super, but set your expectations.

We’ll be glad to see you; come by bike, of course.

Yes, it’ll be busy and many spots will feel a little crowded, but that’s not news.

It’s the weather that will surprise and maybe delight. The cool temps and fog are a meteorological phenomenon — the fog comes when inland temperatures soar.

There you go. There’s the fog horn sounding. On for the whole weekend, nonstop I imagine.

My advice? Come and enjoy, but bring a sweater.

Paddle ball, a way to keep warm

Paddleball, a great way to keep warm




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