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Monday as we were sitting around the conference table, Corona del Mar BID President Bernie Svalstad tapped me on the knee while he pointed out fellow resident Ron Yeo, “I’d like you two to get together and look into bike racks.”

That’s all I had to hear.

Rack spotting in CdM

Rack spotting in CdM with Ron Yeo

Friday morning we were riding through the village looking for the optimum sites. Ron knew to find them in the red curb zones. I started taking photos which ended up on cdmCyclist then Facebook.

Then up popped a comment from Bryan Jones in the City of Carlsbad’s Transportation Department…

Custom Carlsbad bike rack

Custom Carlsbad bike rack

We added 200 custom “bike the village” Dero Bike Racks to Carlsbad’s downtown village… equates to 400+ new VIP parking spaces for customers for about $40,000 total! As compared to $10,000-$15,000 per vehicle parking space… equals inexpensive rejuvenation! Our business owners were shocked to see how many customers ride now! And now I get calls from business owners to install them near their business as they see the value it is having for other businesses!

Laguna Streets picked up the story and now it’s gone viral, on a microscopic scale anyway.

Then came more advice from Bryan,

Location, location, location is important for bike racks just like real estate. They must be visible. They must be in close proximity to a front door or patio. A bike rider should not have to walk farther than the closest motorist parking space. On sidewalks make sure they are installed outside the path of travel for pedestrians and vehicle doors. Align them and or cluster them with other street furniture like trees, benches, or street lights. The best way to identify where bike racks should go is OBSERVE where bike riders are parking their bikes today. If they are locking up to a tree or bench that is a great location. Locks can ruin trees and street furniture. After installing bike racks you must then evaluate. If the bike racks are not being used it is probably the location where they are installed. So relocate them.




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