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Can you say, "I smell coyotes"?

Can you say, “I smell coyotes”?

Maybe I should file this post under “Coyotes”. I didn’t see any coyotes, but their scent was everywhere.

I took my first visit to Buck Gully this afternoon. I had no plan; I just turned up at the top of Poppy and there it was. I spent a few moments thinking it over. Were bikes even allowed?

Then 2 guys on bikes came up the path towards me, so that answered that.

But would the Pedego handle it? I quickly imagined that the electric boost would come in handy and it does have big fat tires — I texted my wife then off I went.

Long distance views

Long distance views

I was out there all by myself, well, with the coyotes, too. Their scat was all over the trail and at certain points I needed to hold my nose — they had made quite the investment in marking their territory.

Ok, enough bathroom talk — the trail was terrific and remote. There were many times I could see homes on the ridges and many times I was completely isolated from civilization. With today’s heavily overcast skies, it was a little bit creepy – it got me in kind of a Halloween mood, which is a good transition to remind you of the CdM Halloween Costume and Haunted House Bike Tour on Saturday October 26th at 10am. We won’t be heading down Buck Gully, at least I don’t think we will…

The San Joaquin trailhead

Back to civilization at the San Joaquin trailhead




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