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I’m not ready to abandon my car — I still fantasize about a long-distance road trip with my bike on the back.

So I’ve got to keep this old Audi with 100k miles in reasonably good condition – mostly that means keeping my teenage son from driving it. Today it’s in for fluids, oil change and the like. It’s been awhile since its last tune-up and I could tell the service agent was a tad flustered that I’d driven so few miles since the last service, but gravity does its work and besides, various blinking lights keep appearing on the dash.

Need a rental?

Instead I bring the bike — used to be the Brompton, but a buddy wanted it more than I did, so today I had to fit the bike rack on the trunk.

I walk into the service desk and it never fails — a bike chat begins.

One of the Audi guys wants to talk about my rear-view mirror; he has one, too, “I can’t live without it.”

“Quite literally,” I quip back.

Every time I come in by bike someone on staff wants to strike up a conversation. I have a feeling not many other customers do…




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