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Blind Curves

What would you recommend? These blind curves along Back Bay Drive, are they the most dangerous places on the route? There's little room for error. The sub-committee of the Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Committee meets 5pm Wednesday at the…

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The Draft Plan, Part I

I'm a member of the Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee and to avoid any possible conflict with the open government dictates of the Brown Act the City Attorney has asked that all committee members submit their comments and…

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Making Progress

Last night the City hosted another update in the process of creating a Bicycle Master Plan.

A good-sized audience appeared, just as they have the past few months; it’s encouraging to see the public engagement.

It would only take a few minutes before we learned why some were present — objections started surfacing with the draft plan‘s proposal to extend the beach boardwalk to the Wedge in one direction and to the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) in the other.

Affected homeowners in each direction came out to speak against the plan. The meeting was delivering fireworks just minutes into the agenda.

Chair Petros heard them out and suggested counter arguments might wait till later. So the objections to the boardwalk extension hung in the air for the better part of an hour.

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