Record Breakers

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped fund Tara McCormick's trip to the World Junior Championships games underway in Glasgow Scotland.   This just in — from a friend attending the games:   For Team USA,…

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OCTA Bikeways Workshop

Lots of leadership at the workshop

There were lots of suits at the workshop. One nice touch, Supervisor John Moorlach sat with the audience and lobbed several questions at the presenters.


Last night OCTA hosted a well-attended Bikeways Workshop. Alta Planning staff led the discussion of new proposed corridors, listed A through J, that cut north and south, east and west across Orange County Supervisorial Districts 1 & 2. I don’t think anyone left the meeting unimpressed.

(See the details and take the Bike Planning Survey.)

For all the great presentation though, much of the eventual work and the funding for it, will be up to the cities where these proposed routes traverse.

Some routes will take advantage of abandoned rail routes, others like Pacific Coast Hwy, Corridor C, will be optimized to accommodate bikes and cars. How so? The devil’s in the details, of course, and much of the discussion that tried to peel the onion was politely deflected as a future effort, whereas this night was to introduce the opportunities and solicit ‘big picture’ input.

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Get Involved

The City is considering a new Committee to coordinate bike safety, the Bike Master Plan Oversight Committee. It's on the Tuesday night City Council agenda. You should apply. City Manager, Dave Kiff, describes the qualifications well: You don’t have to…

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