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Lido Outreach

A member of the Lido Island Community Association board came to the December Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee (BMPOC) meeting – he had a question about the suitability of Sharrows on the bridge to the island. That's how I met…

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Conversation with the HOA about bikes…

You know, you should be able to get in and out of your neighborhood without gates. But some people want gates. OK. But the gates should open for bikes, as they do for cars. Our gates don’t. Sometimes they used do, but then you had to know exactly where to put your wheels and it didn’t always work. Sometimes, when there were sunspots or it was too humid or whatever the cause was, you had to wait for a car to come up behind you and trigger the in-ground sensors, like so many left turn sensors in Newport Beach that will have to be upgraded with bicycle-friendly detectors as equipment is replaced. And that didn’t always happen at convenient times. Like when your kid’s trying to get to school on time.

My family knew where to put the tires, based on trial and error, but a week ago they were repairing the gate and somehow left the sensors completely inoperable by bikes. Nothing. You truly have to sit there and wait for a car to come up behind you. Or, dismount, climb the curb and go through the pedestrian gates. Or worse, and this is probably what kids do, go out the entry gate when a car comes in.

I have written the HOA before, to no avail. No response.

So I am addressing the issue again. Here’s the email chain, which I will add to as it progresses.

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