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Boo! CdM Halloween Costume Bike Ride

A good time was had by all on this CdM Halloween Costume Bike Ride and Haunted House Tour.

There were lots of fun costumes.

Barbara Peters and Lori Carter

Everyone seemed to enjoy the pace; we stopped to tell stories at the many ‘haunted houses’ along the route. Councilwoman Nancy Gardner and her granddaughter joined the fun; Nancy added many historical comments about the neighborhood and the homes.

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Plan Your Costume

Me? I like the bunny sculptures, but since some think they're creepy, even spooky then maybe this makes them the ideal starting place for the upcoming ride. Let's meet at the Civic Center where Mom and Dad will enjoy free…

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Buck Gully by Bike

Maybe I should file this post under "Coyotes". I didn't see any coyotes, but their scent was everywhere. I took my first visit to Buck Gully this afternoon. I had no plan; I just turned up at the top of…

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