Cyclists Count! Take a Census

Count cyclists while sipping coffee or eating lunch

Good data can affect public policy; without it we’re just spinning our wheels, so take a cyclist census in your neighborhood.

Of course, all neighborhoods matter to us, but we especially want to count cyclists along Coast Hwy:

  • Mariner’s Mile
  • Dover at Coast Hwy
  • Corona del Mar
  • the Peninsula
  • the Wedge
  • Bayside Drive
  • the Balboa Is ferry

To assist you in taking a cyclist census, use the form.

It’s simple; use tick marks to count cyclists going by. Here’s how to interpret the form:

DOW: day of week, Monday, Tuesday, etc.
Conditions: Rain, Sunny, Marine layer, Windy.
Enter the time every ten minutes whether cyclists appear or not.
If you move your location subtly, make an entry in the time column, e.g. “Rose’s Donuts”.
Count cyclists using tick marks, e.g. III.
DoT: Direction of Travel; record NB for northbound, SB, EB or WB.
Gender: M for male or F for female.
Observe attire and record S for Sport (spandex and lycra-clad cyclists) or N for normal attire.
Count cyclists wearing helmet.

Ready to get started? Download the form and get in position. When completed, scan and email the form to