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Bicycle advocates came early to the City Council meeting tonight; Sharrows were on the agenda.

The Council voted 5-1 in favor of the installation of bicycle shared lane markings on Coast Hwy through Corona del Mar.

The issue has been discussed since the Bicycle Safety Task Force convened in 2009. Meanwhile many other cities, notably Los Angeles and San Diego, have installed sharrows in many appropriate roadways.



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  1. If a year from now these sharrows are old news here in town, it will be because they are just some friendly paint making the voyage a little safer for travelers on our main drag. But they will still be special because the main drag through Newport Beach’s Corona del Mar is, of course, a little stretch of every bicyclists’ cherished Highway 1, Pacific Coast Highway. Now bicyclists from near and far can ride through town with a little protection from aggressive motorists and opening car doors. And even though Pacific Coast Highway is, in fact, just another road, it is special because over much of its length it has been so improperly devoted to motoring that even cyclists question their presence on it. But now, with sharrows on the road, cyclists who used to arrive in Corona del Mar just to be squeezed into the door zone will know they are welcome there. And they may take that feeling home, looking to get sharrows on their own roads. Because they will be inspired: if you can get sharrows on Pacific Coast Highway, you can get them anywhere…

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