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by Brenda Miller

By unanimous vote: the San Clemente City Council voted Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012, to support multimodal transportation in the updated General Plan.  Introduced by Councilman Baker, the motion passed with consensus (5-0) opinion and stated the following:

“San Clemente’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan shall be fully integrated with the City’s updated Circulation Element so as to comply with the letter and spirit of California’s Complete Streets Law, thereby creating a balanced multimodal transportation system for all.”

The importance of the above motion cannot be overstated.  It sets the tone for new goals, objectives, and policies in the updated San Clemente General Plan and will ensure that all roadway users, as named in California’s Complete Streets Code (Section 65302(b)(2)(A,B)), will be included in the planning process.  That law specifically requires that “bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, pedestrians, users of public transportation, and seniors” be accommodated in all new Circulation Elements significantly revised beginning Jan. 1, 2011.

Looking toward the future, Councilwoman Lori Donchak said,

“I really view this as San Clemente’s Complete Streets Initiative.  We have a tool before us to ensure we’ll take the Complete Streets legislation seriously and that, ultimately, we’ll end up with a superior Circulation Element . . . It would be a true salute to the fact that we want multimodal experiences in San Clemente.”

I’d like to thank all members of San Clemente’s City Council for their support for Complete Streets.  Principal Planner, Jeff Hook, did a thorough job presenting the issue to the decision makers and answering their many questions. Also deserving recognition are all the residents who spoke in support at Tuesday’s meeting, in addition to the many letters written by those who could not attend.

Working together with San Clemente City leaders, we may well be establishing a legacy here in the Spanish Village by the Sea.

Stay tuned!  This is truly an exciting time to be a San Clemente resident!

Brenda Miller is a bicycle advocate in San Clemente.



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