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Corona Del Mar High School Freshmen Racing At SoCal Velodrome Championships

Corona del Mar High School Mountain Bike Team racers Matty Greer and Eddy Huntsman, entering 9th graders, recently raced in the Southern California track (fixed-gear or “fixie”) cycling championships on the steeply-banked wooden Velo Sports Center velodrome at the StubHub Center in Carson. Racing in the colors of GS Andiamo sister team West Side Wheelmen, they brought home medals.

Here’s some highlights of the video link below:

First, Matty defeated an older racer in the two-racer Match Sprint. In that race, it is “mano a mano” for three 250 meter laps. The first lap is strategically ridden at a slow pace as the racers jockey for the rear position to launch a sprint to the finish. Watch Matty go, as he accelerates down the 45 degree banking with 300 meters to go and outsprints his competition to the line!

Next, Eddy and Matty joined a composite team of three for the Team Sprint, a timed race where the first rider on the team leads out the second rider, who leads out the third rider, who is timed crossing the line on the third lap.

Finally, they joined another composite team of four for the Team Pursuit, where the team relays for 12 laps (3,000 meters), going all out until one rider blows up. The time of the third rider across the line at 3,000 meters is what counts. Absolutely nothing is left on the table at the end of this kind of race. It’s amazing to watch.

Corona del Mar Middle or High School students interested in mountain bike riding, racing or velodrome cycling should look for announcements for meetings and signups for the Mountain Bike Club the first few weeks of school, email or check out GS Andiamo.

Here are additional videos of different kinds of velodrome races:

Unknown Distance, where only the official turning the lap cards knows how long the race is and rings the bell for “last lap”:

The “Madison”, named after its birthplace Madison Square Gardens, where teams of two relay each other with hand slings:



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