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CdM High School Cyclists Giving Back

Two middle-school cyclists from the Corona del Mar High School Mountain Bike Team (Newport Beach, California) gave up their Saturday morning ride time to spend a few hours rebuilding a section of trail in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

Eddy Huntsman and Matthew Greer, 8th graders who have been riding for their school’s mountain bike team since 7th grade, joined their coach James May and a crew of volunteers who, under the supervision of the Laguna Canyon Foundation and a Orange County Park Ranger, were shuttled by truck to a popular hiking and mountain bike location high up in the park. There, they dug trenches and placed straw-filled burlap tubes to fight erosion from winter rains on a section of trail that had been closed to hiking and biking after a fire.


Nice Place to Spend a Saturday Morning


The Crew

After a few hours of hard work, the troupe was shuttled back down the hill for a light lunch at the Willow Canyon Ranger Station off Laguna Canyon Road.


Well-earned Lunch at the Ranger Station

Both Eddy and Matty expressed a new respect for the trails they regularly ride and a desire to return to help more.

Enjoy video of the morning:

You can get more information about the Laguna Canyon Foundation and sign up to volunteer here.



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