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In Huntington Beach today, on my way to visit the venerable Beef Palace for some more expensive meat, I passed the McDonald’s at 5095 Warner. I did a double-take when I saw what looked like a bicycle rack in the driveway… I had to go in for a closer look:

You know the guy who rode that bike has a chance of working off lunch!

Sure enough, my eyes did not deceive me.

Now that’s how to accommodate a wider range of customers (and help keep your customers from getting wider). Bend and powdercoat some tubes, zip four bolts in the ground, and just like that — cyclists have a safe place to park a bike.

Compare McDonald’s’ bike racks to those at CdM Plaza:

At least the bushes are easy on the paint…

Wait, there aren’t any.

Even though that particular corner of CdM Plaza (Peets Coffee) is basically a cyclists’ hangout, one always feels like an interloper and a nuisance trying to safely park a bicycle somewhere.

McDonald’s for the win…

(By the way – yes – I had a burger…)



David Huntsman

Husband, father, cyclist, lawyer

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