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You better look both ways when crossing this intersection!

It’s not all about bicycles; of course, cyclists share a lot in common with pedestrians. That’s why many cities, like Laguna Beach, lump the two together into a Complete Streets program. It’s cyclists and pedestrians out to make city streets safer, most often by slowing automobiles.

Case in point: Goldenrod Ave at Seaview.

In Corona del Mar, this is the major pedestrian route from the village to the beach.

Notice this happy crowd; you can see they’ve just come from Starbucks, having crossed the lovely Goldenrod foot bridge, on their way to Lookout Point which features one of the prettiest views in the city.

There’s just one problem: the idyllic charm of their route so far is in stark contrast to the traffic that’s bearing down on pedestrians attempting to cross Seaview.

Whether it’s the natives taking the alternate route out of the Flower streets or it’s beach-goers circling the neighborhood, trying to avoid the $15/day parking fee at Big Corona, either way this is a surprisingly hazardous intersection for those on foot, or on their bike.

It’s not rocket-science; a crosswalk is needed here, at least for starters. And if that doesn’t lead to more consistent respect for pedestrians, a stop sign might be next.



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