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Thinking of a getaway, one with lots of activities, where you’ll ride every day?


It’s a new website for a new civic group that combines local elected officials, travel and bicycle professionals from Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Their goal, to attract bicycle tourists to the region and along the way their initiative will lead to improvements in local infrastructure.

As Ventura County Commissioner Steve Bennett likes to put it,

This project is 100% positive.

That’s commitment from the top and the many others contributing to this initiative are equally committed to attracting and accommodating cyclists. As you already know, Santa Barbara has all the gifts: great scenery, mild year-round climate, fabulous hotels, restaurants, wineries and breweries. Local businesses of all kinds are enrolling in our Bicycle-Friendly Business program.

We’re busy highlighting different bike routes. We’ll be showcasing everything from in-town rides to the beach to epic, multi-day cross-county loop routes.

Come take a look at what we’re up to.



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