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Lido Island’s Troop 37 will be working their way towards Cycling merit badge this Spring.

I worked with the Scouts 2 years ago; it was a highlight because both the kids and their parents loved the rides. Since then BSA has teamed with Trek to update the merit badge guide. It’s now loaded with safety instruction.

The merit badge can be used as an Eagle required badge. It takes some effort, too, as two 10, two 15 and two 25-mile rides are required. Then there’s the 50-mile finale when we’ll ride to the Long Beach Aquarium and back. The key is to keep the boys off the busy arterials as we log these miles.

If you’ve got a Scout that would like to join us, come to the Big Corona parking lot 8am Saturday February 9th. Bring your bike, a blue card and a sense of adventure.



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