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NiteRider Lumina 500

Been caught out after dark recently?

Tis the season — Daylight Savings Time ended and I’m riding home in the dark; twice this week I was turning on all the blinkers and flashers. We all know the safety mantra: be visible.

Of course, I’ve had lights on the bike from the beginning, but recent advances in LED rechargeables have me loading up. Just this morning I got an email from a favorite online retailer, lights were on sale.

New Trent external battery charger

The NiteRider Lumina 500 seems like the perfect headlight; it’s USB rechargeable, so my New Trent iTorch portable battery that recharges my cellphone can also crank this. It belts out a beam that sometimes causes pedestrians to complain; be sure to aim it down. Compared to the NiteRider 100 I started with a few years ago, this 500 has it all: great battery life, wireless, and powerful. That’s why I ordered a second one today, for my wife’s bike.

I’ve been a loyal NiteRider customer ever since I had a problem with one of their earlier units. When it wouldn’t take a charge they promptly gave me an RMA and in about a week they shipped it back good as new. Now I feel like a preferred customer.

Planet Bike’s Superflash Turbo

Mark Goodley has become a bike light advocate. He came to the recent Bike Safety meeting with his bike wired stem to stern with lights. He recommends riding in daylight well lit, too. Shadows are getting longer and I worry that I’ll become invisible as I ride through the gloom.

For the taillight, the choice is easy: the Superflash Turbo. Everyone will see you flashing.

My riding buddy Dan Murphy has been won over to Mark’s bike light philosophy. He admits he was a little stingy when it came to turning them on during the day. We’re all ingrained with saving battery life, but now he’s got over it. Lights on!



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