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At last week’s Citizens Bicycle Safety Committee meeting we focused on the 3 worst intersections for bicycle collisions.

The #1 intersection — Newport Blvd. at Via Lido. Pedal carefully here.

Untimely coincidence? The City plans to add a traffic lane here. What will be the outcome?

Newport Beach’s #1 intersection for vehicles vs. bicycles

Consider this insight from Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of he American Dream:

Posting speed limits to slow traffic on high-speed roads is futile, because people drive at the speed at which they feel safe — and teenagers drive at the speed at which they feel dangerous. Generally, the only time that people don’t speed in modern suburbia is when they are lost, which is, fortunately, quite often.

Adding a traffic lane will cause traffic speeds to go up. There’s no question that higher motorist speeds at the worst intersection will be a dangerous combination for cyclists.



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