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I feel like eating crow. I’m sure I complained loudly about these Botts Dots in Corona del Mar. Am I guilty of low expectations? I didn’t think anyone was listening.

Enough soul-searching, the dots are gone! Not completely gone, but significantly trimmed back.

Why do I care? These dots are in one case meant to discourage skateboarders who might be tempted by the downhill to Big Corona Beach. They work great for that purpose, but for cyclists these bumps in the roadway represent a significant hazard; they could cause a fall and on the narrow downhill road that could be very dangerous.

One of my neighbors was an original advocate for placing the dots here. They’re right behind his house and he thought they might slow traffic, but all they really do is create noise — all day and night. He’s an advocate no more.

As I drove up the hill today (yes, in a car) I paused to ask the City worker, “Are you repairing or removing these dots?” I’m sure he expected some complaint, but he looked relieved as I tried to take credit for the idea. “It’s to improve bicycle safety. We’re giving a wider lane for bicyclists. We’re taking them off Bayside Drive, too.” I almost wept.




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