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It started out slowly — in October HuBBa‘s Dan Hazard invited me to a meeting with Caltrans Bike Coordinator Romeo Estrella. After this meeting we planned to meet again soon; there’s just so much to talk about.

Our initial focus has been Coast Hwy through Orange County. It’s the kind of challenge that should unite bike advocates up and down the coast.

This month Long Beach Bike Coordinator Allan Crawford and OCBC board member Bill Sellin joined us. We’ve been focusing on the poor roadway designs that contributed to the death of Debra H. Deem on Aug 27th at Newport Coast Drive and PCH.

It may not be part of the eventual design solution, but this Dutch Junction design video will challenge the thinking of any MUTCD aficionado.

Next year the audience will expand and we hope to attract bike advocates from across the county to our lunchtime discussions.



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