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Flower Petal Tears

Rose petals spread from Laguna Beach to Newport Beach – like tears to remember the fallen.

About 400 cyclists assembled in Laguna Beach this morning for the John Colvin and Debra Deem Memorial Ride.

John Colvin's mom addresses the audience.

John Colvin’s mom addresses the audience.

We rode from Laguna Beach, where John died, to Newport Coast Drive where Debra died. Both lost their lives on PCH.

We miss them terribly. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to make our voices heard by City and Caltrans officials. It’s time that every city, including Laguna Beach, recognize they can no longer ignore us. They must incorporate safe streets for cycling into their plans.

Today’s service was gut wrenching, like the Newport Beach Memorial Ride two years ago that launched a movement — a fund and a Bicycle Master Plan. We must do more to make this happen in Laguna Beach.

John’s mom addressed the crowd today. You could feel her pain and loss; she set the tone for the Memorial ride.

Each and every one of us is someone’s neighbor, friend or spouse, sister or brother, son or daughter; we owe it to each other to band together, to work for change — for all of us.

Photos by Brenda Miller.



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