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On the ferry

On the ferry

What a week — time for dinner out tonight. By bike, of course.

I’ve been sending the fleet in for tune-ups, one bike at a time. Earlier today my wife’s bike was completed, so it was time for a test ride.

Our destination would be Mint Thai at Main and Balboa on the peninsula, via the Balboa Island ferry — that’s hard to beat for a change of pace.

We had to wait for a table, the joint was jumping. As we’re sitting on a sidewalk bench it’s hard to ignore — the sidewalk, the nearby intersection, are swarming with pedestrians and cyclists.

The sidewalk is crowded, our bikes are parked making it worse, then other bikes arrive — pedestrians can barely walk by. It’s only after dinner that I see the problem — the sidewalk width is compromised to accommodate parked cars. It’s another example of automobiles compromising the pedestrian space.

The sidewalk is narrowed to accommodate parked cars

The sidewalk is narrowed to accommodate parked cars




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