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Statewide “three feet to pass” legislation needs your support now.

Give Me 3 - Three feet to pass bikes safely

The California Bicycle Coalition tells us today that we’re “this” close to getting a three foot passing bill passed. They’re asking you to please write to your legislators by this Friday, Aug. 26, and tell them to support SB 910.

If you need a sample letter, see Calbike’s SB 910 information page, and the Give Me 3 website they set up for this campaign.

SB 910 was co-sponsored by the City of Los Angeles to make the city more bike friendly, and has the full support of the LAPD.

After working to improve the bill’s language, CABO supports it too.

At least 19 other states have passed “three feet” laws.

California used to be at the forefront of such things. Our cities still are, but it’s sad to see us lagging behind now at the state level.

You can help change this. Write to your legislators now. We’re “this” close!



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  1. Exciting to hear that this great idea is close to becoming law in California. A website that has a lot of information on this three feet to pass law is:

    It was started by a bike rider who was fed up after a very close encounter with a car. The “Advocacy” tab on this website shows a map of the United States with states where this law has passed shown in green. Matt, you’re right- in the past California would have been the first state to be colored in green. Let’s hope that it will be the next. I will send in my letter of support. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. SB910 was passed yesterday, and only needs to be signed by the governor to become law. Many thanks to the California Bicycle Coalition, and everyone who called or wrote to their legislators.

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