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My first photo

My first photo as a kid, re-enacted

The weather was gorgeous and every Bostonian knew these warm days were numbered, so they were out on the streets and riding their bikes.

Looking towards the Boston Museum of Science

Looking towards the Boston Museum of Science

We wouldn’t be riding any bikes ourselves; my 18-year old son and I were back for a family gathering out in the suburbs – Boston was just the most convenient hotel. Note the qualifier, convenient, not cheap – we paid $400/nt!

Worse than the cost was the idea of renting a car, but how else could we get out to Westford?

Our destination was 39 miles away without many transportation alternatives. I had to rent a car which at first glance was cheap – only $20 per day, not including $19 in taxes, but I knew the 2 nights at the hotel would add $100 in valet parking. Like adding insult to injury, this short trip against traffic would cost a little bundle.

Then my sister Mary, seemingly reading my mind, offered to pick me up from the nearest train station and drive us the last 11 miles; she even looked up the schedule, “Catch the 9:10 out of North Station to Lowell.”

at North Station

at North Station

The bonus with this plan, besides going car-free, was that we could walk across the city. We were 2.2 miles from North Station and our route would take us through the Gardens and Boston Common. If the weather was nice this would be a great way to start the day; it turned out to be!

Plum and burnt yellow

Plum and burnt yellow

Boston's Public Gardens

Boston’s Public Gardens




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