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At cdmCyclist I’m always looking for my next interview, so when my recent guest, Ed France of the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition, mentioned Martha Roskowski’s recent visit and the presentation she made, I had to find her.

Martha runs the Green Lane Project which works closely with just a handful of cities at a time to build separated bike paths. Cities who have already worked through the design process and have a supportive political environment qualify for this support. Her goal is to demonstrate how some of the infrastructure that’s so commonly seen in Denmark and the Netherlands can boost the number of people on bikes in this country.

What I didn’t know, but would soon learn, is Martha’s 20 year advocacy efforts, how she’s made big contributions at the local and national levels. I didn’t know of her involvement with the founding of the Alliance for Biking and Walking; I didn’t know of her efforts to create Safe Routes to Schools, but now that I do I want you to know, too.

She’s a big contributor to making cities safer for cyclists.

Listen to her describe the Green Lane Project:

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