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Old sticker contradicts new law

Old sticker contradicts new law

I just had to duck into Pedego for a few minutes. I was driving the car as I delivered posters announcing the Pre-Thanksgiving Ride.

Parking would be tight as it was just about noon on a Friday; I headed to the metered parking lot on 4th at Dahlia. Yes, there was a space, but it seemed like the car was backing out right after it had pulled in. What was up?

There was a coin jammed in the meter and the screen blinked “FAIL”, so naturally my eyes drifted to the sticker which warns: ILLEGAL TO PARK AT INOPERABLE METER. Most people would back out and find a meter in good working condition, but I was in a hurry.

When I return there’s a woman walking from meter to meter; she calls out, “Are they all broken?” Apparently, mine wasn’t the only one. She was stressed and looking for a little conspiratorial advice, “I wouldn’t worry about it.” But I wondered if she might not be as lucky as I was.

It’s not until I get home and Google the topic: Governor Brown signed a law in July that lets drivers park at broken meters.

So neither one of us had anything to worry about.




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