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The Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee meets again at 5pm Monday July 1st in the Civic Center. Note the new later time.

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Alta Planning will be on hand to kick off the effort; this is the first of many working sessions on the Master Plan.

The City Attorney will be making a presentation on the Brown Act which seems to be getting a disproportionate amount of attention as the Committee begins its work.

Slide from June's meeting

Slide from June’s meeting

In my opinion, there’s little concern about breaching the Brown Act at our meetings. It’s not like a Planning Commission meeting, for example, where commissioners debate the merits of granting a permit — at most we’ll be discussing hazardous conditions along roadways with speeding cars. Few decisions will be made, while various options will be presented.

The reference to posting on Facebook is a good reminder. My FB is mostly public, but not everyone commenting on a post is public; I can see where a FB discussion with several members of the Committee chiming in would thwart the spirit of the Brown Act. Blogging about the meeting after the fact is public though and I hope to be adding commentary to these posts about the intricacies of bike safety in the months ahead.

In case you missed it, read Eric Hartley’s piece in the Orange County Register, Making roads safe for bikes.

Come and be a part of it.




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