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Before the Lido Island Community Association meeting

Before the Lido Island Community Association meeting

A member of the Lido Island Community Association board came to the December Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee (BMPOC) meeting – he had a question about the suitability of Sharrows on the bridge to the island.

That’s how I met Quentin Wall. I volunteered to come to their next meeting and answer questions.

To establish credibility I rode my bike. This was something I was quite used to as the Lido Clubhouse hosts Boy Scout Troop 37 on Tuesday nights and I had attended for the past 11 years. For me it’s a beautiful 15-mile nighttime ride with a shortcut via the Balboa Island ferry. As is often the case, I was the only one who came by bike.

As I hoped, bike issues came early on the agenda.

I didn’t come with a presentation, instead I thought I’d wing it. Just like my own homeowners board meetings, this one turned quite feisty once bicycles were introduced. One board member attempted to shout down other board members with her insistence that Lido’s 58-year old “policy” of keeping bikes on sidewalks be maintained. I tried to explain that bicycles are vehicles and you can’t restrict them from riding over the bridge in the traffic lane. Then I was shouted down.

The discussion got everyone involved and pretty soon I catch the Chair glancing at his watch. I didn’t have a dog in this fight, so I was able to cooly observe the interactions.

I invited them all to attend the next BMPOC February 5th meeting where we could discuss the issue further.




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