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A tricky intersection for cyclists

See my shadow?

I’m the one on the far right. With me are Brad Sommers, Tony Petros and Bob Kahn from the Newport Beach Citizens Bicycle Safety Committee.

We gathered to ride some of the most challenging intersections in the city. Our objective: to come up with recommendations for safety improvements. In this case, we all know the dangers here as cars merge from the left and right, and on the other side of Coast Hwy, too. It’s going to take more than a single look at this intersection to come up with the right ideas.

We do have some solid suggestions for other tricky intersections for cyclists. Come to the next CBSC meeting on Tuesday Sept 4th at 4:30pm in the Central Library. You’ll hear our comments and you can contribute your own suggestions, too.

at Via Lido and Newport Blvd.




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