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This past weekend I spent an hour at Dover at Coast Hwy shooting a little video.

In part I wanted to dust-off my skills before I met up with Long Beach Bike Coordinator Allan Crawford for a video shoot we were planning. Stay tuned for that video.

Saturday’s are busy at this intersection and that adds to the drama as you see the cyclists moving across busy traffic lanes as they continue westbound on Coast Hwy.

I’ve included a few scenes from the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide and a few stills from my visit to Rotterdam and Amsterdam last year, but a complete solution to the challenges cyclists face here will take some time.

This stretch of road is controlled by Caltrans and one encouraging sign that things are changing for the better, 3 Caltrans officials attended last night’s Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee meeting. That’s two meetings in a row they’ve attended.




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