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A week from today I’ll be speaking at the “Best Practices In Using The Media: Workshop” at 10am. If you’re a bike advocate or think you should be, come out and join me.

As I prepare for my 15min on this panel discussion, tech nerd that I am, I have spent too much time on the word “The” in the panel description; I didn’t see it when I muscled volunteered my way onto the panel.

“The Media”, often referred to as Big Media, is something I bristle against. Why? I’m an entrepreneur first, bike advocate second; I don’t ask permission well, instead I find a way to do what I want without The Man’s help. So it’ll be no surprise to you that I’ll be speaking about How to Become Your Own Media Outlet — Power to the People!

Since I’ve been podcasting and blogging for over 6 years now I’ve learned a few lessons; yes, the hard way, but I’ll share my insights with you and hopefully get you more productive and effective when Using The Media.

Download the Summit details and join me.



Frank Peters

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