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Meeting The Neighbors

Do you have neighbors like these, too?

The ones you seemingly have nothing in common with, but then how would you know – all you ever do is nod “Hello” as you pass in the parking lot.

I did.

Jim and Denise live directly next door, you can’t get much closer as neighbors, proximity-wise that is, but we seldom had more to say than a comment about a pretty sunset.

Until this past Thursday.

I was standing in their driveway looking up at my house, which has been scaffolded for a week as we repaint. It’s coming along nicely and it’s fun to observe the process. That’s when Denise backed out of her garage with her new bike.

“Hey, nice Pedego!” Everything changed in an instant, “I’ve got 3 Pedegoes in the garage!” She was impressed, surprised.

Yes, she knew my son worked in the nearby store, but she bought her’s in Irvine near work. She’s a teeny bit famous, as she’s the first owner of the new Pedego Boomerang electric bike. I told her I had seen the Facebook post featuring her, but with a helmet and glasses I didn’t recognize her.

The Boomerang has a low step-through that a lot of us are gonna like.

The Boomerang has a low step-thru that a lot of us are gonna like.

In just a few minutes we’ve arranged a double-date — Jim’s suggesting bike-to-lunch on the peninsula.

I can tell everyone’s excited – who can’t use a bike buddy right next door?




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