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Last month it was unimaginable tragedy; today over $51,000 has been donated to support cycling safety and that number will be matched 3:1 by the City. This morning some estimated 1,200 riders gathered for the Memorial Ride to remember Sarah Leaf and Dr. Kit Campion who were killed last month in separate collisions.

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Mayor Gardner spoke of cycling safety initiatives in the city

Sgt. Spencer Arnold was the first to respond to the Sarah Leaf collision

Police estimated a crowd of 1,200 attended

Councilwoman Leslie Daigle championed the 3:1 match for the donations

Sgt. Spencer Arnold, me and David Huntsman

Super organizer April Morris with Mayor Gardner and councilman-elect Tony Petros, member of the Bike Safety Committee’s Amy Senk has consistently kept cycling safety issues on the front page

Photo courtesy Errett Cord

Watch the video, courtesy CRCycles



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