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We started at the Civic Center

We started at the Civic Center

San Clemente bike advocate Brenda Miller came along with Foxy

Brenda Miller with Foxy

Today was the 1st Annual Martin Luther King Weekend Bike Ride.

Electric bike riders outnumbered everyone else by a wide margin – maybe because Pedego founder Don DiCostanzo tagged along and the team at Pedego CdM was all there. Michael Alti of the Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee joined the group as well.

The ride was all off-road — we took bicycle-appropriate sidewalks and bike paths on the entire 20-mile route. So the ride was safe, quiet and suitable for conversations with new friends.

This was a good ride for an electric bike, especially on the back side when we’re in 80º heat, pedaling up Quail Hill.

A good time was had by all.

Quite conveniently, there's a new Pedego store in Irvine right on our way. We stop for water and snacks.

The new Irvine Pedego store is right on our way, so we stop for water and snacks.



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